Residential Powershade

Residential Powershade

Not your grandmother’s roller shades! Powershades Roller Shades are a modern and easy way to control your space’s light exposure and energy consumption while providing the understated low-profile design options you desire.

Would You Like Manual or Motorized Shades?

Manually operated shades can be converted to motorized shades in the future.

Manual Shade

The shade will be manually operated with a chain.

Starting at $115

Motorized Shade

The shade will be operated by an electrical motor.

Starting at $298

Measure Your Window

All measurements should be made in 1/8th inch increments.

Window Width

Measure the distance between the left and right sides of your window.

Window Height

Measure the distance between the top and the bottom of your window.

Disclaimer: Hey, that's a pretty wide shade you're ordering! At some point we will have to ship this via blimp. Luckily, we're not there yet but orders with shades that are 94" or wider have to be shipped via freight which will incur an additional cost of $200.00 in shipping fees on your order. This fee is added to the total order, not per shade.

How Would You Like Your Shade to be Mounted?

1/8th of an inch will automatically be deducted for inside mounts. Outside mounts will be manufactured as specified. Fabric Width Mounts will be manufactured so that the fabric matches the width of the window.

Inside Mount

The shade will be mounted to the inside of the window sill, with a slight light gap.

Outside Mount

The shade will be mounted to the outside of the window sill, with no light gap.

Fabric Mount

The shade will be made to match the width specified, with a header 1.5" wider than the window sill.

Choose the Type of Header for Your Window


Comes with an aluminum panel that hides the shade. Provides a very clean, sharp installation. If clean lines are your thing, this is the one for you.

Open Roll

Is the least expensive, and smallest profile in the window. Provides a very minimalist look.

Choose the Color for Your Header

White Header


Beige Header


Gray Header


Brown Header


Black Header


Choose Optional Side Channels

Would you like to have light blocking side channels to match your fabric?

Choose Home Integration

Single-Channel: If you are pairing "One to One", then a single switch is all you need per shade - in wall or handheld.

Multi-Channel: If you are pairing multiple shades to one remote, then you will need a multi-channel remote. Most users will pair each shade to one of the available channels, so that they can individually set limits and settings. Then one channel will be chosen that will function all shades at the same time.

Wall Mounted Control

In wall remotes will need to be mounted into a single-gang wall box, and use a "decora" style switch plate to finish them out. They use standard AAA sized batteries, and Powershades always recommends Lithium batteries.

Handheld Remote

The easiest option, comes with a magnetic base if you want to hang it on the wall. Once remote can control multiple shades.

Powershades Hub

This is necessary to connect your shades to the Powershades' dashboard. This will enable scenes, schedules, and groups. This is also what will be used to tie your system with Amazon and Google!

Choose Type of Power Source

New Construction

Building a new home? Install one of our in-wall power supplies and never have to replace or charge batteries again! This option is for your entire home and should not be selected for each shade in your order.

Battery Charger

One charger provided with each order. Our shades have super capacity batteries that only need to be charged once a year under normal usage.

Solar Panel

Does your window get a lot of sun light? One solar panel on the inside of each window should provide enough energy to keep your battery charged under normal usage.

Name Your Room

Give a name to the room these shades will be installed in.

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Not your grandmother’s roller shades! Powershades Roller Shades are a modern and easy way to control your space’s light exposure and energy consumption while providing the understated low-profile design options you desire.

Measure Twice, Order Once!

Your Powershades experience should be filled with rainbows, puppies, and all-around perfection.

If anything at all happens to make your experience any less, we'll do our darndest to turn that frown upside down.  However, there's one area that we can cover right away; measurements.

We try to provide more than enough supportive information to ensure that you're equipped to get the proper measurements.  Unfortunately, you're probably human.  We've all goofed a measurement before, and if your moment in the spotlight just so happens to be while measuring for your Powershade, we have you covered.

If your Powershade shows up, and you discover that the fitment isn't right, we'll get a new shade made for you at your new (hopefully correct) measurement.

You'll only be responsible for the price difference between the new and old shade (and if the new shade is over 94" wide and requires an additional shipping fee).

  • 1 remake is allowed per shade
  • 4 remakes are allowed per household (if it's our fault, it won't count toward this).
  • Only measurement errors qualify for remakes.  
  • You have 30 days (from the time you receive your Powershade) to submit your remake request.
  • We do not offer refunds on orders.

Commercial orders are not covered under this policy.

Every commercial project is custom-quoted.
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