Window Treatments for Building Automation

Customizable Intelligent Window
Treatments for Commercial Building Automation

Powershades intelligent window treatments are for all types of progressive businesses, hospitality providers, and public institutions that want to build and maintain modern, comfortable spaces for their employees, clients, students, visitors, and customers.

Why Choose Powershades?

No longer simply remote control draperies, intelligent window treatments from Powershades transform a space with proprietary technology that learns and adapts over time – opening, closing, raising, and lowering as the days, seasons, and inhabitant behaviors change.

All available to fit your style and unique needs.

commercial motorized smart window treatments - increased comfort

Increased Comfort

commercial motorized smart window treatments - reduced energy consumption

Reduced Energy Consumption

commercial motorized smart window treatments - regulated light access

Regulated Light Access

commercial motorized smart window treatments - money savings

Money Savings

Building Automation Technology

Powershades’ proprietary technology enables a high degree of integration with nearly any other automation system or device – simplifying control into technology you already use.  Alternatively, your building manager or administrative assistant can utilize the Powershades Property Dashboard to set schedules, customize in real-time, and manage multiple properties or rooms from the cloud.

window shades automation dashboard commercial window treatments

The US Department of Energy estimates that by proper use of light blocking window treatments, an additional 12% of energy savings can be achieved even on new, energy efficient structures.

Powershades window treatments can be customized in nearly any way imaginable.

commercial smart window treatment installation

Have an existing system and prefer to repurpose hardware and electrical?

No problem – Powershades in-house engineering team can make that happen with retrofitting and multiple voltage options.

commercial window treatment design ideas

Specific window treatment design ideas?

Powershades can match existing fabrics, work with client-provided fabrics, and can customize hardware to ensure a perfect décor fit.

commercial window privacy

Privacy, safety, and comfort?

Powershades offers a full line of total blackout fabrics and hardware that are fire compliant, as well as solar-powered backup systems.

Every commercial project is custom-quoted.
Measure Twice, Order Once!

Your Powershades experience should be filled with rainbows, puppies, and all-around perfection.

If anything at all happens to make your experience any less, we'll do our darndest to turn that frown upside down.  However, there's one area that we can cover right away; measurements.

We try to provide more than enough supportive information to ensure that you're equipped to get the proper measurements.  Unfortunately, you're probably human.  We've all goofed a measurement before, and if your moment in the spotlight just so happens to be while measuring for your Powershade, we have you covered.

If your Powershade shows up, and you discover that the fitment isn't right, we'll get a new shade made for you at your new (hopefully correct) measurement.

You'll only be responsible for the price difference between the new and old shade (and if the new shade is over 94" wide and requires an additional shipping fee).

  • 1 remake is allowed per shade
  • 4 remakes are allowed per household (if it's our fault, it won't count toward this).
  • Only measurement errors qualify for remakes.  
  • You have 30 days (from the time you receive your Powershade) to submit your remake request.
  • We do not offer refunds on orders.

Commercial orders are not covered under this policy.

Every commercial project is custom-quoted.
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